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Provide chefs with additional

flexibility in the kitchen when

juggling menu items and

serving times.

The Hugentobler’s Hold-o-mat® suspends the cooking

process for foods ranging from joints of meat to portion

size breaded and fried food, until ready to serve. It

brings flexibility to preparation time as well as

guaranteeing the quality of the food, keeping it fresh and

crispy until chef is ready to serve.

With precision temperature control and an advanced dehumidification system,

optimum warming conditions are guaranteed every time. The Hold-o-mat® also has a

‘cook and hold’ function, so that food can be slow cooked, overnight if required,

offering chefs a highly energy efficient cooking option.

Hugentobler holding cabinet - The precise temperature control system

enables chefs to develop new dishes and creations utilising the low-

temperature cooking options the Hold-o-mat® offers.

The Hold-o-mat® offers extended preparation, cooking and holding

times for busy kitchens across the world.

Power consumption and energy efficiency are also key benefits of the

Hold-o-mat® range.

Hugentobler holding cabinets

Hugentobler holding cabinet