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The user-friendly, compact Classic and

Classic Pro Salamander grills are well

known for their reliability and versatility.

Able to be installed into a wall, on a table-top or ceiling

mounted, the Salmander Classic and Classic Pro grills

have automatic plate detection and a quick heating

response system that have been designed to minimise

energy usage, yet deliver maximum responsiveness,

making them ideal for any professional grilling


Salvis Salamander Classic and Classic Pro - Feature the latest in

technology. The compact exterior dimensions, enable use throughout the

kitchen and can even be integrated into the ceiling hood. The high

quality design ensures that the grills will last a long time even when used

continuously on a daily basis.

The Automatic Plate Detection is a clever function, which detects the weight

of any item placed on the grill and switches the Salamander on and off

automatically. The quick heating systems will also add further energy

saving benefits.

Salvis Salamander grills

Salvis Salamander Classic and Vitesse