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Menu System


SINA One, is a compact

portable induction hob

that packs a punch.

With plenty of power and sleek design detailing, this

induction hob combines performance, elegance and

energy efficiency, making it a must for any chef

looking for the ultimate in portable heat sources.

The induction technology from MENU SYSTEM provides many benefits and solutions.

SINA manages to combine functionality, quality, energy efficiency and a high power

density with a unique visual design.

Each induction hob has patented slide control technology, automatic pan type

recognition, LED status indicator, extra-strong 6mm ceramic glass and height-

adjustable feet.

SINA One - SINA One – The compact hob provides instant start up, delivering

3kW in seconds. Heat radiation, power loss and ambient heat is kept to a

minimum, ensuring long-term energy efficient cooking. It detects the pan size

automatically and only heats up on sensing the pan, adjusting kW output to

suit the diameter of its base. It will adjust accordingly to accommodate more

than one pan up to a 30cm diameter on its extra-strong 6mm ceramic glass


SINA Twin - Twice the power with twin hobs – elegance, energy efficiency and

functionality come together in perfect harmony. Induction technology from

MENU SYSTEM offers many benefits: it is highly effective, hygienic, ergonomic

and reliable, and features continuously variable control and top-quality


SINA Wok - The beautifully shaped induction wok – attractive and effective to

bring out the best in your Asian cuisine. This powerful and versatile wok

enables lightning-quick cooking and maximum productivity, making it ideal for

Asian and contemporary European cuisine. The quick-response control system

is extremely precise and allows you to pour your creativity straight into the pan.

MENU SYSTEM SINA induction hobs