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Exclusive Ranges is a leading supplier of high quality

cooking equipment, with a high quality product portfolio,

a comprehensive support offering and solid

reputation in the UK, established over 20 years.

Developing equipment brands from across Europe into all

areas of the market, Exclusive Ranges provides

full preventative maintenance and servicing for all

products throughout the UK. The company is renowned

for creating working relationships between consultants,

distributors and operators and for offering some of

the latest and most innovative products available on the market.

The Exclusive Plug & Play range

The Exclusive Plug & Play range is composed of four


MENU SYSTEM SINA induction hobs

HotmixPRO thermal mixers

Salvis Salamander grills Hugentobler

holding cabinets

The Exclusive Plug & Play range offers chefs versatile, hiqh

quality solutions for the ultimate cooking experience.

These brands are recognised and recommended by well-known

chefs across the world and are now available in the UK, solely through

Exclusive Ranges.