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Barbara Ewing – Independent Distributor & Health


Barbara Ewing is a qualified health practitioner who endorses

the Forever Living Trademark due to its extensive use of the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller


in all its products.

This particular variety of the Aloe plant is known as the “miracle plant” because of its amazing

healing properties and has been widely-used throughout history for medicinal reasons, both

internally and externally.

By naturally boosting the body’s own immune system, you can fight most major ailments. Aloe

Vera aids the body’s natural defense system and keeps it healthy.

For a free consultation and health-check, contact Barbara today:


Tel: 07701 098616

“Since taking the Forever Vision supplement, my eyes have become less bleary

and more comfortable wearing contact lenses”

(Joe, Leatherhead)

“The Face & Hand Soap makes such a difference to my skin”

(Dee, Cobham)

“Not only did I get sunburnt on holiday, but bitten extensively. The Aloe Gelly

calmed my skin down and stopped the bites from itching”

(Joe, Carshalton)

“Our 12yr old dog has hip dysplasia and could hardly walk 5 months ago. After

putting Aloe Freedom drinking gel in his food daily, he can walk free from pain

and is relatively mobile, which he wasn’t 5 months ago!”

(David, Leatherhead)